Descartes and Anselm

I’m reading some Descartes today, and I notice that he has a very calming effect. Even when he’s making what are, on the face of it, outrageous claims for his philosophy, he strikes one as humble and level-headed. This is very similar to Anselm, in my experience. Also, Descartes and Anselm share an emphasis on the pleasure to be derived from speculative thought.

Perhaps there’s something about arriving at the ontological proof of the existence of God that makes one easy-going and pleasant to be around (or at least read).

3 thoughts on “Descartes and Anselm

  1. Wasn’t it Bertrand Russell who said that one day it struck him that the “ontological argument” for God’s existence was indeed really “right” — and then he realized that its “being right” as such made no difference (metaphysically) at all?!

  2. Yes thats correct.

    Then again, he is also the man who went out on a bike ride and decided he didn’t love his wife anymore all of a sudden, so he is a bit of a flake really! ;-)

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