New Policy

When a woman comments on this blog, it is not permissible to make little jokes implying that there is some kind of sexual undercurrent at work in the resulting conversation. A comment matching that description was posted last night, and I was inappropriately merciful in allowing it to stand. In the future, I will delete any comments that are belittling to women commenters qua women.

With this, I will return to my previous habit of never meta-blogging on AUFS.

5 thoughts on “New Policy

  1. If you’re referring to my post, the intention was to illustrate how jarringly grumpy your comments in the Derrida thread would appear if they were uttered in a real world conversation between strangers. If I walked into any conversation in the public sphere, I’d be pretty put off if someone called a position of mine “fucking idiotic”, especially if I was relatively well-informed on the subject. Anyway, it was all meant in good fun.

    If there was some implicit misogyny in taking the artistic liberty of adding a quasi-sexual undercurrent, then I apologize to all concerned parties. It hadn’t occurred to me that the post would be taken this way, and I meant no serious offense.

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