Butler and Anselm

After carefully reviewing the FAQ, I have determined that I am indeed allowed to post a PDF of my article entitled “The Failed Divine Performative: Reading Judith Butler’s Critique of Theology with Anselm’s On the Fall of the Devil,” which will be appearing in the April issue of The Journal of Religion.

5 thoughts on “Butler and Anselm

  1. Adam, I don’t know if you were aware or not, but Jodi is writing her master’s thesis on Butler (she’s just finishing it up actually to turn in on Monday). I’ll send her your paper, I’m sure she’ll be interested in it. Later.

  2. Very good, solid piece of work (I say this knowing nothing whatsoever about Anselm, but having read a fair amount of Butler back in the day; I think you’ve unearthed a crucial challenge to the Lacanian schema that more recent interest in Zizek – in particular – has tended to overlook).

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