Suppose one were to write an article-length study of Augustine’s use of the Holy Spirit in the De Trinitate, focused on the concepts of gift and communio. If one wished to get said article published, which journals would be the best to try? (Previous advice has yielded New Blackfriars and Modern Theology.)

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  1. NOTE: All things being equal (“prestige”-wise), I would prefer a venue with a good reputation about getting things turned around in a reasonable amount of time.

  2. Maybe Augustinian Studies and Theological Studies Journal…depending on how it was done, it might also warrant a look at International Journal of Systematic Theology (they tend to be more “Reformed”-esque, but I’d say more “Catholic Reformed”).

  3. Heythrop definitely meets the requirement in my first comment. They were great to work with at every stage.

    I don’t know if you’re “supposed to” hit up the same journal so soon after publishing in it — I mean, sincerely, I don’t know. Journal of Religion had an explicit time period when they didn’t want you to submit again, for instance. And given that there are so many people submitting everywhere, wouldn’t they favor someone new, all things being equal? (Maybe that’s naive of me to assume.)

  4. Yeah…I don’t know about that either. I actually don’t know why I’m offering a response to your solicitation — being thoroughly unpublished myself…I guess I was thinking of the content of the journals with regard to your proposal. But, even so, since it’s a blind review, wouldn’t they already have decided to take your piece before knowing it was you?

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