Agamben Notes: Table of Contents

This is my translation of the TOC, which I probably should have done to begin with. All of the eight chapters also have “thresholds,” which are listed separately in the TOC but untitled. Hopefully this will help people to orient themselves as I go through the chapters. I will be updating this post with links to the notes for each chapter, as that format seems more convenient than the reversed blog format.

Title: The Kingdom and the Glory


  1. The two paradigms
  2. The mystery of the economy
  3. Being and act [Essere e agire]
  4. Kingdom and government
  5. The providential machine (translation of “threshold” to this chapter)
  6. Angelology and bureaucracy*
  7. The power and the glory**
  8. Archeology of glory (threshold)
    Appendix: The economy of the moderns

  1. Law and miracle
  2. The invisible hand

* This is the chapter I’m most looking forward to.
** Or just “power and glory” — I assume the final translation will use the definite articles to preserve the apparent references to the Lord’s Prayer, as in the title as well.

8 thoughts on “Agamben Notes: Table of Contents

  1. hey adam–
    are your the official translator of this new book by agamben?
    i happened to have listened agamben’s lecture on ‘glory and power’ over at youtube. i think it was a lecture somewhere. great piece.
    it seems like your rocket-booster behind your back is fired up—cheers!

  2. Hi, Karl. Sadly, I am not the translator — they usually prefer to hire someone who has known Italian for more than one month to do that kind of thing.

  3. Thanks a bunch Adam for your notes on The kingdom and the glory. Do you know if there will be an English translation of the book anytime soon?

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