An Agamben Prediction

If The Time That Remains can be considered the preparatory exercises for Il Regno e la Gloria, then The Open will have been the preparatory exercises for the final Homo Sacer book — assuming that final volume doesn’t turn out to be inherently impossible to write, something that seems like a distinct possibility.

One thought on “An Agamben Prediction

  1. yes, i agree. Impossible.

    In a sense it might give a poetic twist to homo sacer project if the hunchback were to intervene, and agamben never got to finish it for us…As if there were some kind of curse in benjamin’s theses, that makes it impossible to fulfill, and which is passed onto whomever attempts to give us “that image of the past which unexpectedly appears to man singled out by history at a moment of danger”. On the other hand, considering that i agree that its impossible…an unfinished work might even be as productive as the theses were…a riddle left for us to play with.

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