Update on Terror Arrests at University of Nottingham

This is the most recent news concerning Hicham Yezza’s case. If you can please do spare a few bucks and/or quid to help support the campaign.

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your continuing support throughout the previous months of hard campaigning. Together we have already achieved an extraordinary level of success in stopping the initial deportation and bringing the Home Office actions to the attention of the national and international media.

Last Wednesday, on the 19th November, Hicham was due to attend a hearing regarding the alleged charges that formed the basis of his attempted deportation in June This is precisely what the campaign demanded: a chance for Hicham to fight his case in a court of law. (As you might already be aware, Hich was offered the chance back then to have the charges dropped against him in exchange for quietly leaving the country but refused).

However, in an extraordinary and highly unexpected move, the Home Office announced on the EVE of the trial that it had decided to reject Hicham’s right to stay in the U.K and, even more incredibly, have announced that he would only be given till Tuesday 2nd of December (in five days!) before being LIABLE TO BE DEPORTED from the country.

In other words, the Home Office has opted to assume Hicham is guilty rather than let a court of law decide. Hicham’s solicitors have called the decision (and its timing) a clear attempt at “psychological warfare” in order to unsettle Hicham before the hearing and to intimidate him into giving up.

We believe this act and its timing to be clearly unfair and highly indicative of the political nature of Hicham’s persecution by the Home Office. We are committed to fighting this decision by lodging an appeal before Tuesday and we ask you to help us in every way you can.

In particular, we are in urgent need for people to donate to Hicham’s legal fund. Hicham has been prevented by the Home Office from returning to work and is entirely dependant on the campaign’s support for financial support. We are currently aiming to raise five thousand pounds to ensure Hich can fight his case properly. We are still applying for access to legal aid in order to lessen this burden but we cannot count on this and need to ensure we are ready for all eventualities.

Please, if you can, log onto your online banking and donate TEN pounds (or whatever it is you can afford) to the campaign bank account. With a collective effort, we can give Hicham the opportunity to fight his case in a fair and just manner.

Please click http://www.freehicham.co.uk/what-can-we-do/ for details of how to donate as well as other ways of helping out (including template letters to the home office).

Please continue to spread the word and inform all your friends and colleagues about the campaign.

Many Thanks


Fundraising Team

The Free Hich Campaign

Website: http://www.freehicham.co.uk

Email: staffandstudents@gmail.com