Toscano Review in New JCRT

There is a new issue of JCRT that appears to be clearing house of all their extra reviews. Included among them is my review of Alberto Toscano’s Theatre of Production: Individuation Between Kant and Deleuze. It is a favorable review of a very learned and interesting book that I think could open some really interesting lines of inquiry for other philosophers. Also see the review of Philip Goodchild’s Theology of Money by sometime-commenter Clayton Crockett. I think it captures the book rather well and hopefully it will convince you to buy the book (though that will largely depend on it coming out in America).

2 thoughts on “Toscano Review in New JCRT

  1. For those too lazy to search: link. [Editor’s note: I edited this comment to change Alex’s URL to a proper link for formatting reasons, but it appears to have stripped the URL for reasons that are unclear to me. Sorry!]


    “The power of the analysis, the energy of the text, the passions it excites in the reader, and its call upon us to think beyond the limits in which most philosophical, theological, economic, and cultural thought is enclosed make Theology of Money an indispensable book.”—William E. Connolly, author of Capitalism and Christianity, American Style

    “Well written and very well researched, Theology of Money is a remarkable and very important book; there is nothing else like it currently in print. Philip Goodchild’s thesis is, in a way, startlingly simple: the universal sway of money exists instead of a universal sway of an ethics and a religion.”—Catherine Pickstock, co-editor of Radical Orthodoxy: A New Theology

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