What I hope to do this summer

[Update: It has been suggested that I cross things off as I go, increasing the intensity of the superego imperative for myself and others.]

LS has done what I have been intending to do for a while, namely, write up a list of things that I need to do this summer. I have thought in the past that such a practice might be a helpful use for academic blogs, as it could add some social pressure to help us motivate ourselves to actually do said tasks, which would normally be done in isolation. So here is my list:


  • The highly anticipated “awkwardness book” (20-30K words) [polished ms. submitted to publisher]
  • Articles:
    • One on Agamben and secularism for Anthony’s edited volume on continental philosophy of religion
    • One on Zizek for a special issue of Zizek Studies on theology (not totally clear on whether this is happening for sure — should probably check)
    • One on Zizek for a special issue of La revue internationale de philosophie (not actually due until the end of 2009, but I’d like to get it out of the way)
  • A review of The Monstrosity of Christ for Political Theology
  • An AAR paper on patristic perspectives on the cross
  • Get started on translating Agamben’s The Sacrament of Language, on which I just signed a contract with Stanford yesterday (manuscript due March 1, 2010) — sections 27 and 29 are already done
  • Reader report for a journal article I’ve been asked to referee
  • Work on preparing my dissertation for publication — exact details of this are unclear for now

Do course prep for the fall (Liberation Theology, Classical Christian Thought I) [syllabi are at least drafted — still more work to do, obviously] and, to the extent possible, get started on the winter quarter as well (Classical Christian Thought II, Old Testament). I’ll have a long break between fall and winter when I can polish the winter stuff and get started on spring.


  • Various works on Judaism and Islam (with the primary goal of enriching my teaching on history of Christian thought) [Not nearly enough, but at least a start]
  • A good chunk of Tertullian
  • At least one more novel, perhaps Infinite Jest [I read The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry and subsequently completed Infinite Jest]

A thought: My long-range goal is to limit the amount I do on continental philosophy, and particularly on Zizek, in order to free up time to build up my CV in historical theology, but as you can see I’m not succeeding in that at all in the immediate future. Hopefully something will evolve out of my teaching on that front that I can do next spring/summer.

10 thoughts on “What I hope to do this summer

  1. Do you happen to know if there is a translation of ‘Il Regno e la Gloria’ in the works? I’m reading your notes now and they’re very helpful, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the actual book. (I probably won’t be learning Italian anytime soon.)

  2. Reportedly Agamben is obsessive about his translations and looks over them all himself. I found his Italian pretty accessible once you know the basic grammar, which is very similar to French.

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