Busy, Busy, Busy: A Link Post (Now updated with even more links!)

Update: infinite thought points us to another post on Trier’s latest by Ads without Products. I had forgotten how beautiful of a writer Ads is and, because there weren’t many spoilers, I did read this one.

Also, Burns at Daily Humiliation directs us to the complete set of papers that were recently delivered at the Immanence and Materialism conference.

Finally, Craig has posted on some recent animal books.

I’m currently racing to get an article finished on top of finishing an index and so, because I hate to see traffic fall, here is a link post to keep you busy.

Re:Press has just published The Italian Difference: Between Nihilism and Biopolitics edited by Lorenzo Chiesa and Alberto Toscano. As most of you probably know, Re:Press publishes using an open-access model and so you can download the pdf of the whole book by following that link. If you have the money do buy a copy. (h/t infinite thought)

Speaking of infinite thought, she has written a post on Lars von Trier’s newest film Antichrist. I haven’t read her post yet because she has a lot of spoilers, but I expect it will be an incredibly good piece of writing.

Michael Burns has posted some notes
on Peter Hallward’s recent article in Radical Philosophy. I’m one of those who has some doubts about Hallward’s attempt to revive voluntarism, but Burns seems to think there are things worth considering here.

Also Collapse III has been sold out in its print form and so Urbanomic has released the issue as a free pdf (warning: direct link to the pdf).

Another Heidegger Blog has conducted three interviews with popular blogging philosophers. Graham Harman, Levi Bryant, and Adrian Ivakhiv get the treatment.

Finally, loyal opposition commenter Myles Werntz is looking to create some kind of discussion group around the work of William Stringfellow with Stringfellow biographer Anthony Dancer. If you’re interested send him an email.

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