Lazy Sunday Link Post

Just two links today. The first is a non-blog by Joshua Delpech-Ramey that he calls Darkhorse: Peripheral Visions. Joshua is a good friend of mine who is doing really interesting work on Deleuze, the Heremetic tradition, esoteric thought, theology, in addition to being a musician. I’m hoping he joins in the English language reception of Laruelle and translates Laruelle’s mysticism book (do it!). Check out his website for his occasional writings on all these subjects.

The other is the blog of Roland Boer with the great name Stalin’s Moustache. Boer, for those who don’t know, does really interesting work in politics, philosophy and Biblical studies. He is also something of a publishing machine and his book, Political Myth in the Goodchild, Surin, and Davis New Slant series is very good. Folks like Boer, whose work is similar in style to that of Jacob Taubes, do creative work with the Bible that is fascinating to me. I’m also a big fan of his love of public transportation (he’s organizing a seminar series on a train – fucking epic!), cycling, and traveling by boat (apparently his most recent book on Calvin was written while at sea).

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