Beyond Monotheism — Taking stock

I believe this was a very successful book event — the discussion was consistently great, and as an added bonus, it contributed to August being AUFS’s highest-traffic month ever. I’d like to thank Anthony, Brad, Clayton, Andy, and Dan for contributing their summaries and reflections, as well as everyone who commented.

For the convenience of future category-clickers, here is the table of contents for our event:

  1. Introduction: incarnation… again
  2. Then came the word: the invention of monotheism
  3. “No god but me”: the roots of monotheism in Israel
  4. End of the many: the roots of monotheism in Greek philosophy
  5. “I am because we are”: The roots of multiplicity in Africa
  6. Monotheism, Western Science, and the Theory of Everything
  7. When hell freezes over
  8. Starting the Story Again
  9. Thinking being? Or why we need ontology . . . again
  10. Thinking multiplicity
  11. Divine Multiplicity …
  12. …In a World of Difference
  13. A Turn to Ethics: Beyond Nationalism
  14. A Turn to Ethics: Unity Beyond Monotheism

I may make a PDF of all the summary if there is interest — or someone else could volunteer to do so. [UPDATE: Thanks to Jeremy Ridenour for assembling a PDF of all the posts.]

I’d like to open up this comment thread primarily for everyone to post any comments or reflections that they believe are still outstanding now that we’ve made our way through the entire book. It may also be interesting to discuss questions that you had in early sections that later chapters actually did answer adequately (especially given that this result was so often predicted in those early comment threads), or else questions that only come to you now that you have a view of the work as a whole. (The purpose behind doing this is not just to take inventory, but to give Prof. Schneider a convenient guide to the main questions if she has time to write a response to us — for that reason, I would ask that those who have not read the book refrain from posting questions in this thread.)

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