The Death of God: A Local Issue

I was recently showing a visiting friend of mine the Death of God documentary I uploaded a while back, and for the first time realized the unintentional comedy of its title. I think either image would make for a fine t-shirt. They could be big sellers at the AAR. Goodbye student-loan debt!

7 thoughts on “The Death of God: A Local Issue

  1. Hey Brad,

    Since you seem to have some sort of contact with Altizer, do you know if he’s done writing? I realize he’s gotta be in his 80’s, and I assumed his Living the Death of God would be his last work, but I was curious whether he’s publishing anymore.

  2. Altizer is still writing — even a couple of pieces here at AUFS. Most recently he contributed to Edith Wyschogrod’s Festschrift, Saintly Influence. There are plans/proposals for a collected volume of his more recent, unpublished papers. And he’s sent me chapters here and there. Right now, I think it’s safe to say he’s working in a very underground kind of way. I wonder if his appearance at the AAR this year w/ Zizek will change that at all. (He is, I understand, also on a panel discussing Cyril O’Regan’s new book. Busy conference for him.)

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