Spinoza Research Network CFP and some Self-Aggrandizement

Beth Lord, lead coordinator of the Spinoza Research Network, has posted a postgraduate CFP that I thought would be of interest to some readers.

Spinoza and Texts
7-8 April 2010
University of Dundee, Scotland

Speakers include: Dimitris Vardoulakis, Peg Rawes, Nick Nesbitt, Nicholas Halmi

This conference focuses on uses of Spinoza in the arts and humanities, considering Spinoza’s influence by and on “texts” construed very broadly. Papers will look at Spinoza in relation to literary, historical, visual, cultural, and critical texts, and evaluate Spinoza’s contribution to multiple fields in the history of ideas and contemporary humanities.


Abstracts are invited from Masters and PhD students for papers of 45-minutes reading time on any topic relevant to the conference theme. This is an interdisciplinary network, and papers looking at Spinoza from a non- (or not strictly) philosophical perspective are welcome. Speakers will have their travel and accommodation expenses covered.

Please send an abstract of around 300 words, along with your name, department, institution, and email address. Deadline: 18 January 2010. (You will be informed of our decision by early Feb.) Email abstracts to Michael Burns at mykeburns@gmail.com

Information about registration and travel bursaries for this event will be available soon.

Also, some readers may be interested in some draft papers I’ve posted at my Academia.edu site. This includes some recent research where I develop my notion of a ‘transcendental ecology’, both in a general account and in relation to Deleuze & Guattari’s philosophy.

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  1. Enjoying the papers. I had a flash today in a movie theatre reading them on my iPhone where I thought I might have broken through the first of I would imagine many barriers between me and complete comprehension of Laruelle. I fear I’ve since lost the trail, but I’m encouraged that it exists.

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