Bibliographical Assistance Requested

Dearest readers, I still have considerable work left to do on my translation of Agamben’s The Sacrament of Language, but I am getting to the point where I can faintly detect the end of the tunnel. One thing that would help me confirm that the light is not the proverbial train would be if any of you had access to any of the following articles, for which either my research skills or my institutional affiliation has proven inadequate, in an electronically-transmissable form:

  1. Benveniste, É., “L’expression du serment dans la Grèce ancienne,” in Revue de l’histoire des religions (1948): 81-94.

  2. Bollack, J., “Styx et serments,” in Revue des études grecques 71 (1958): 1-35. [I only need pages 30 and 31.]

  3. Faraone, C.A., “Curses and Blessings in Ancient Greek Oaths,” in Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions 5 (2006): 140-158.
  4. Thomas, Y., “Corpus aut ossa aut cineres. La chose religieuse et le commerce,” in Micrologus 7 (1999). [I only need page 74.]

  5. Ziebarth, E., “Der Fluch im griechischen Recht,” in Hermes 30 (1895): 57-70.

The Benveniste article is the most important. If you know of any translations of any of these articles (if applicable), electronically transmissable to me or not, that would also be a godsend.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who’s helped with the three articles crossed off. Since it’s looking as though some type of physical scan may be necessary for the remaining two, I’ve added the page numbers I need, if anyone is feeling so led.

UPDATE 2: Thanks again to everyone — I’ve got all the articles I need at this point. The response has really been amazing. I’m very grateful.

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  1. Looks like I can get you the specified pages for both #3 and #4. I’m headed to my campus library now, and will email them to you after I scan them in. Time frame = probably tomorrow you’ll be getting them, if not before.

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