Book Discussion: The Recognitions

I mentioned a jaw-dropping section from The Recognitions in my last post, and promised to upload it when I had a chance. As luck would have it, I’m basically the only person in my office today and the scanner is completely unencumbered by petty corporate matters. So . . . here you are (read to the section break on p. 293). Enjoy.

I cannot recommend this enough, even if you’ve not read (or have no intention of ever reading) a word of the novel. I would even venture so far as to say it could’ve been a part of our recent Theology of Money book event.

2 thoughts on “Book Discussion: The Recognitions

  1. I was wondering which section you were talking about. I read and reread that part several times (when I came across it yesterday), it was so damn good (especially when Gaddis started talking about reason, means, and ends… which was especially striking to me given that I’m also currently reading Taylor’s Secular Age and writing a chapter on Paul’s apocalyptic eschatology). I think I’ll be caught up with y’all be your next post and look forward to joining the discussion.

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