4 thoughts on “Article on Mary Daly

  1. Watching the internet reaction to Mary Daly has been interesting.

    I think I was the second person to join the “Mary Daly Radical Feminist Fan Club” on Facebook several weeks ago. As that group has grown following her death, my comments and contributions to the group have been deleted by the administrator and then I was removed from the group without explanation. I get it: no men allowed.

    It’s also been interesting to see the stuff about Audre Lorde come up again, which is a tired argument but may be Daly’s ultimate influence on the larger feminist movement.

    Similarly the bit about transsexuality, which this blog post discusses, keeps coming up as well. What is so interesting to me about Daly is while she became more and more radical as she got older–has anyone here besides me ever read “Amazon Grace”, it’s pretty stunning–she also became more Thomistic and Tillichian. Or at least she explicitly pirated Thomas and Tillich. With this comes a view of technology that views sexual surgery as indicative of a nominalist view of the world and part of the phallocratic state of medical practice. For Daly, such surgery is an extension of sati, footbinding, witchburning, and the history of the slaughter of women’s bodies.

  2. I’m proud that the Chicago Reader is talking about Mary Daly. Also Chicago-related — in the feminist bookstore “Women and Children First,” they always displayed Daly’s newest work prominently, like she was James Patterson.

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