Appeal for Conference Funds

Over at Speculative Heresy Nick has made the first appeal for some donations to help us attend the Warwick Laruelle conference. Please, if you can, give a few bucks.

Despite the glamourous celebrity lifestyle of the average speculative realist philosopher, life as a graduate student is a little more harsh. As such, we’re hoping the online community can help to raise a little bit of money for myself, Anthony Paul Smith and Reid Kotlas (who has a long way to travel) to reach the upcoming Warwick Laruelle event we’re speaking at. While friends have generously donated couch and floor space to sleep on, we estimate that we will need about £300-£500 ($450-750 USD) [we overestimated the costs and we’ll only really need about half that] to finance the rest. And so we’re asking anyone who can, to donate some money towards the costs. Whether it be £1 or £20, with the size of the community, even the smallest contributions will quickly add up! And while we can’t offer t-shirts for donations over £50 or coffee mugs for donations over £75, we can offer recordings of the event as well as copies of the talks given. And importantly, any money raised but not spent will be donated to Haiti relief efforts through the Partners in Health organization recommended by Peter Hallward.

Click here to help out through PayPal:

3 thoughts on “Appeal for Conference Funds

  1. I can donate 10euro later (and I’ll probably be murdered by my partner for doing so!) but I did wonder how you guys were able to afford travelling all over the place. Just make sure you learn something because I could have bought beer with that money ;)

    Hope it helps and great idea by the way.

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