Last Minute Conference Collaboration

I will be reading two papers at the Midwest Region AAR meeting tomorrow (at Augustana College, Rock Island, IL), and would love to meet up for lunch with any AUFS lurkers if they will be there, or go see their papers if they are presenting. I would have posted something earlier this week, but I have been fighting a sickness and was not certain I would make it. I will begiving a paper entitled, “Christology After the Death of God: Incarnation and the Rise of Secularism” (Session 3:4, 10:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.), in a session on the Incarnation with Even Kuehn and Nathan Crawford giving papers on Kathryn Tanner’s Christ the Key, with Samuel Chambers responding). I will be in another session giving a paper on John Milbank and Jeffrey Stout: “Theopolitics After Secular Liberalism, Theological Traditionalism, and Incomplete Pragmatism: Assessing Jeffrey Stout and Radical Orthodoxy” (Session 2:2, 8:30-10:15 a.m.).

4 thoughts on “Last Minute Conference Collaboration

  1. Jonathan:

    Sorry for the delayed response. An earlier and slightly different version of my paper on Taylor is already available at The Other Journal here.

    The Stout and RO paper is under revision after getting rejected from a journal, and I plan on sending it to another one after heavy revision. Do you have work on Stout and RO, by chance? I have found much in the way of assessments of Hauerwas and McIntyre vs. Stout, but no RO response, which is why I wrote the paper in the first place.

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