Weekend Linkend

Phil Walden alerted me to some recordings of conferences held in the UK hosted by the very impressive Backdoor Broadcasting Company. The first, from back in September of 09, is the Sacred Modernities: Rethinking Modernity in a Post-Secular Age. The second is the recent Middlesex Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy conference, From Structure to Rhizome. Included here are some of the giants of the French intellectual scene. Looking around the site I noticed that blogging superstar Mark K-Punk Fisher’s recent talk is online too with a response from Alberto Toscano.

Relatedly, CRMEP has been working on research project investigating the importance of the French philosophical journal Cahiers pour l’analyse. Part of that project is an online archive of the original French with English translations to come and summaries mostly already completed. If you’re interested in French thought, the connection of theory to political action, or in Lacan, Badiou, or Althusser, you should check it out.

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