Change is underway in the UK

With the ascent of David Cameron — truly a modern Dionysus of Syracuse to Philip Blond’s humble Plato — to the office of prime minister, radical changes are already underway in the United Kingdom. Already Big Government and Big Business are in rapid retreat, in awe of the revitalization of local communities, which are reclaiming the best of their British heritage. In place of nihilistic instrumental reason, many observers now detect a reenchantment of the world, as worker-owned cooperatives and fairies alike take the scene. After decades of sharp decline in church attendance, workers are flocking to any liturgy they can find, hoping to participate analogically in the divine life, as they are now fully convinced that a divinely-appointed hierarchy of peace is the only route to a truly robust socialism.

While the necessity to appoint Liberal Democrats to Cabinet positions is perhaps regrettable, Cameron has taken a step toward a more authentic diversity than liberal multiculturalism can ever provide, appointing an elf as Chancellor of the Exchequer. This alliance with woodland sprites is already paying dividends — folk remedies and magical cures are expected to soften the blow of NHS cuts, and riot police will be supplied with mithril armor.

As an outside observer, I can only applaud Great Britain for finally taking the lead in undoing the worst degradations of modernity — ranging from neoliberalism, colonialism, and exploitative industrialism all the way to nominalism and voluntarism. The island that gave us Duns Scotus is now taking responsibility for reversing the trends he set in motion. Given the UK’s continuing role as the absolute nerve center of world politics, we all wait in joyful hope for the spread of the ontology of peace to all corners of the globe.

7 thoughts on “Change is underway in the UK

  1. I am now imagining arch-Thatcherite George Osbourne is an elf, backed by the even more elven David Laws, a former investment banker so far to the right of the Lib Dems that the aforementioned Osbourne already asked him to switch sides a year ago. Worst of all possible worlds.

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