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This week, we have expanded our offerings across the top to include archives of book events and reading notes as well as contributors’ books. In the near future, we hope to fight against the oblivion in which old blog posts tend to languish by adding a “Greatest Hits” page as well, broken down into subcategories (such as Anthony’s ecology posts, Brad’s conference reports, or my tirades about ecclesiology). If you have a favorite post or potential category you’d like to recommend, please let us know in comments.

7 thoughts on “Blog updates

  1. I just reread the whole thread, and even including the epic trolling, the comment content is off-the-charts good. It’s a shame things had petered out by the time kevin sanchez showed up, as I thought his take was quite interesting.

  2. Quick thought, maybe the books bit should have links to review (for certain) or relevant blog posts (maybe useful for potential purchasers).

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