When the dad from Calvin and Hobbes is your professor

This morning in class, one of my students sarcastically asked where dinosaurs fit into the New Testament. Improvising, I said that God actually hadn’t created dinosaurs yet and they were actually only going to be around in the end times. The reason there are fossils is that time is a circle and it’s already looped back around — the future dinosaurs died, then their bones remained in the ground for the loop-around.

This was coming off a class break, so students were kind of still filtering in, and someone asked where I was getting these ideas. I just pointed at my Bible and said, “Have you guys even been READING this stuff?!”

Sadly, one person looked so confused that I had to explicitly say I was kidding.

8 thoughts on “When the dad from Calvin and Hobbes is your professor

  1. Yes, thank-you for not assuming. It most certainly was not passive-aggressive (if there was any aggression it was aimed at myself!). I see I have a lot of ground to make up to have enough cred here to make jokes! . . . To interpret third sentence, see second sentence.

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