Mythology, Madness and Laughter Event Round Up

Thanks to Continuum for the review copies of the book. Consider picking up a copy (Amazon: US, UK) if you didn’t read along during our discussion, but it seemed like something you may be interested in.

Our latest book event was, I think, a success in a lot of ways. I think the every other day format worked, but I would like to hear from the participants. It became clear that Gabriel was the star of this book and that Žižek just provided his name, despite a few interesting asides in his essays. I think the book could have benefited from Gabriel doing substantial revisions on Žižek’s essays, creating a true co-written text, and I would have been happy to see this take the form of short response at the end of the essays or perhaps a long afterword to the two. Still, the book, specifically Gabriel’s essay, does bring German Idealism into direct conversation with contemporary Continental metaphysics and for those readers interested in either of the two topics it will prove to be an interesting and fruitful read, if only because it calls for future work.

Below is the index to the posts from the event.

6 thoughts on “Mythology, Madness and Laughter Event Round Up

  1. I certainly enjoyed the Gabriel bits and I think the regularity really works well. I enjoyed the Gabriel bits so much that I’d be very interested in a more general discussion of Gabriel in which I can find good support for buying and reading books from Gabriel that are more than half a book.

  2. I do German, yes – but I would still welcome a more general thread on Gabriel before I go there because I think I can be faster than Adam, but not a whole lot. Any essays on-line & not paywalled?

  3. Many thanks to everyone at AUFS for organising this and putting in a lot of work to make it happen. I found it a very interesting book and a fruitful discussion. I’d also be interested in reading other works by MG.

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