Global Christianity Draft Syllabus

I have posted a draft syllabus on Scribd for the Global Christianity course I will be offering next fall. Developing this course is going to be a major project for the summer, and I’m open to changing essentially everything at this point. If you have any suggestions for readings I could swap out for something else or if you have some resources that I should look at for my own background, I would really appreciate it. (I will have access to the University of Chicago library all summer, so I should be able to find virtually any source.)

2 thoughts on “Global Christianity Draft Syllabus

  1. Gutierrez is a must. His work is one of the greatest Christian commentaries ever written. I would suggest that you take a look @ Hajime Tanabe’s work. His work is Buddhist but it was strongly influenced by his reading of the Bible, as well as Kierkegaard.

  2. I’m a big fan of African theologian Kwame Bediako, and think you could do a lot worse than read Jesus And The Gospel In Africa: History And Experience.

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