Politics of Redemption: Endorsement from Catherine Keller

The publisher just sent me the following endorsement:

‘An indispensable contribution to the thorny theory of atonement. Hip to the feminist critique, inflected by the postmodern return to political theology, and steeped in the depths and potentialities of the doctrinal tradition, Kotsko’s relational ontology for the doctrine of redemption offers a lucid and erudite resource for a wide spectrum of Christian theology.’ – Catherine Keller, Professor of Constructive Theology, Drew University. Author of Face of the Deep and On the Mystery.

The book remains available for preorder through either Continuum or Amazon (UK).

13 thoughts on “Politics of Redemption: Endorsement from Catherine Keller

  1. Cool.

    You should post the contents up, as not everyone will click through and it really whets the appetite for the argument at hand why giving a vague idea of how it is structured.

  2. Adam, now that your thesis is being published and there is less concern about academic theft, would you be willing to send me a copy for free?

  3. Despite all your own reservations, congrats are in order. Catherine is a brilliant and incisive thinker. I’m looking forward to reading your text.

  4. Will you do a book tour? I recommend hiring some characters dresses as Satans and Saints wondering through the venue chosen for the book presentation – could bring theology back as a “cool thing to do” me thinks…

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