Update on Change in the UK

Today fairies lent their mighty steel to the ascendant Red Tory Gideon Osborne. Together they went about cementing the re-enchantment of the world by cutting public spending. Cuts which would help re-enchant the poor most, with rises on VAT and cutting corporate tax rates, driving the poor out of the hands of Big Government, who helped clothe and feed them, back into the arms of hope and faith. Remember, as that great Briton Jesus said, God remembers even the sparrows. The fairies and gallant Gideon also looked to liberate the universities, slashing their disenchanting spending by 25% and assuring that education would belong to the virtuous and ordained by God, while those who are meant to clean toilets and work at call centres will be able to join toilet cleaning guilds and call centre cooperatives, while recent PhDs are now free to pursue ordination in the ministry. What the enemies of re-enchantment, those left-wingers responsible for the fairie holocaust, what they fail to realize is that fostering inequality is the new equality. Even the liberals now know that fairness is the new equality and what is fair is that the whom God chooses to be rich gets richer.

4 thoughts on “Update on Change in the UK

  1. Not to mention the fairies belief in cutting child benefit, disability allowance and housing benefit! That was the contribution, mainly of the pixies.

  2. To care for the poor, children, and those with disabilities you have to make them suffer. That’s the only way they’ll look to Jesus to find their identity as mediated through the faeries at the end of the garden. The glorious politics of paradox!

  3. lovely, nicest post on the liberal ideology I’ve read, though the desire to ‘cut’ predates fairies, jesus and religion…

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