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I just got a file of the cover design for Radical Political Theology, which I thought I would share with you all. It’s a bit minimalist, but I think it’s pretty good. I’m getting the proof pages at the end of the week, and the book is scheduled to come out in January. I don’t have the schedule yet for the Hegel edited book, but we just finished copyediting queries and I think it’s a couple months later.

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  1. Thanks everyone. I suggested using a more provocative political image, but CUP deemed it too controversial.

    Anthony, in addition to the Hegel book I’m coediting with Creston, which I think should be out next March, I’m writing a book on Deleuze vs. Badiou, basically responding to Badiou’s critique in The Clamor of Being and using that to develop my own interpretation of Deleuze. The essay I gave Creston to post on his blog is a draft of one of the chapters.

    I’m also working on a book with Jeff Robbins, called The New Materialism. It’s naively ambitious, and tries to lay out a post-capitalist vision that’s thoroughly material but not dismissive of the spiritual, based on an understanding of energy and energy transformation that’s not an reductive atomic materialism. I’m hoping we can finish the ms. this fall.

    By the way, great to see responses to After the Postsecular and the Postmodern. I heard Caputo read it and then revamped his seminar for the fall to read Meillassoux, Brassier, Laruelle and Malabou, etc. So it’s already having an impact.

  2. If CUP is Columbia, then they suck for not making their covers more appealing. So “Radical Political Theology” and “After Liberalism” get a smooth calming shades of blue? I can hear the soothing waves of the ocean by looking at this cover. I would certainly think, were I to pick it up at the bookstore, “Hmm, mixed signals – are they saying it sounds radical and edgy but – blue, blue, wonderful blue – not really, so buy it and read it while cuddled up with a snifter of brandy on the porch of your nice middle-class house…” Do you have any say in this?

    Columbia royally screwed up Sloterdijk’s most recent book (Rage and Time) – idiotic cover, shady editorial decisions, a load of embarrassing typos everywhere – who’s running that place? Do they think they automatically get a thumbs up because they are affiliated with a decent school?

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