11 thoughts on ““Mark C. Taylor’s unbelievably misguided book…”

  1. It’s brutal, isn’t it? Except for the title (as ironic as call for abolition of tenure are coming for a tenured person), it’s spot on, especially in the department of “just because universities have problems does not mean they are the problem”…

  2. I know he is better than this, but Taylor seems like the Sarah Palin of academia when he trots out this kind of crap. “Privatize! Ivory tower! You betcha!”

  3. Ha, he kind of is pulling a Palin. Sure, the neoliberal project of privatisation has failed to do anything but line the pockets of the top 1% of the US (sorry, that should be has *succeeded*), so hey more of the same should do the trick!

    I’d burn my copy of Erring but it’s propping up my coffee table now.

  4. It’s hard to read snark over the Interwebs.

    Closest I came to adjuncting in apparel was a two-year stint at Barnes and Noble, which on its worst day, was a lot less stressful than academia.

  5. True, very true.
    I wasn’t saying you belong in apparel. I was just making fun of the fact that the last time I tried to make a joke you happened to have the job I happened to be mocking. (Or just know about it? whatever).
    Though apparel may be where we all end up. I hear Abercrombie is hiring. I am going to go do some situps to prepare.

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