Obstacles women face in academia

Levi Bryant points out a new blog devoted to the negative experiences of women academics in philosophy departments. The blog is filled with harrowing stories of sexual harrassment, public humiliation, and the silent acquiescence of non-aggressive colleagues — and sadly, some male academics have even belittled these experiences by suggesting they’re at the level of receiving overly critical e-mails or rude blog comments.

8 thoughts on “Obstacles women face in academia

  1. Why does that blog not allow comments? Is it simply there to inform the general public of the abuses? It seems odd that such a controversial topic that deserves much discussion is presented in such a odd “read it and weep” fashion, don’t you think?

  2. Probably to avoid the inevitable comments that will explain away the abuse or claim the victim is a humorless bitch, etc. Plus the posts are anonymous, and drawing the actual authors into conversation might hurt that.

  3. Well, there’s moderation, right? I mean I think that simply informing the public of these stories of abuse is already a good thing, but what would be better is some kind of moderated discussion of the issue. Assuming that opening comments will unleash more abuse is assuming that the horrible situation is simply unalterable and women just need to collect and share their stories of abuse as opposed to actively fighting such abuse. I mean don’t we have legislation against discrimination and abuse?

  4. Mikhail,
    They actually answer this in the FAQ:
    (Q) Why don’t you allow comments? These are important issues to discuss, and wouldn’t it be good to let us discuss them?
    (A) We don’t have time to do the moderation that would be necessary. Some of these stories are of very upsetting experiences, and we don’t want to put their senders through the additional trauma of being abused by some of the folks who hang out on the internet. We do think these issues should be discussed, and we urge you to go discuss them!

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