Belated Link Post: Fringe Interests

A few items I’ve been meaning to bring to people’s attention. First, François Laruelle’s latest book, Philosophie non-standard. Générique, Quantique, Philo-fiction, has just been released ( Laruelle presented on ideas from this book at the conferences in the UK last March and the book promises to be the fullest expression on non-philosophy yet. You can see the table of contents and watch some interviews about the book at a website set up for its release (which includes information about the Philo-fictions journal). Also Laruelle related, John Caputo’s lectures on Laruelle (as well as Meillassoux and Brassier) are now online. I have not listened to them yet, in part out of trepidation since I feel a little too close to the material. Hopefully I can steel myself to do so soon.

Scu has two posts up [1, 2] commenting on a recent “debate” between Jonathan Safran Foer and Anthony Bourdain concerning eating animals, ethics, and the community of meat-eaters.

And, finally, an announcement of a conference investigating the relationship between Religion & Liberation at the University of Durham. Keynote speakers are AUFS favorites Roland Boer and Philip Goodchild.

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