The hottest job listing trend of the year

If you’re a theology grad student who is unsure about which direction to go, you should drop everything and immediately start doing Catholic moral theology and social teaching. It is the hottest trend in this year’s job listings, taking on the role that global Christianity played in 2009 and liturgical studies held in 2008.

19 thoughts on “The hottest job listing trend of the year

  1. Wait, but shouldn’t they assume that, after this year, no one will hire in Catholic moral theology for, like, another thirty years, since all the spots suddenly filled? I think I would encourage current theology grad students then look to anticipate the next trend – what’s next, in other words…

  2. In all seriousness, particularly if the House Republicans really do “investigate” the global warming hoax, it might be time for a sudden boom in environmental ethics or ecology-related stuff. Anthony would presumably like that.

    I like to think that my “investment” in historical theology is kind of like going for a nice defensive sector such as utilities or consumer staples — the returns won’t be glamorous, but there’s a steady demand.

  3. I like Rod’s suggestion, because it seems to meet the requirements for a job listing trend:

    1. No one actually specializes in it in any clear way.
    2. Few people even really understand what the field entails.
  4. Analogical Theory

    The successful candidate will be able to converse widely with various perpsectives on analogical relations between humans and/or the divine, as well as the analogical form of knowledge itself.

    Desiderata: emphasis on Christian engagement and critique of other religious traditions

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