Future Christ: A Lesson in Heresy UK Release

Officially the UK release of my translation of François Laruelle’s Future Christ: A Lesson in Heresy (Amazon: UK, US [pre-order]) was last week, but it didn’t feel real to me until I received a physical copy today. Continuum has posted a preview of the book online. This is the first time I’ve seen the endorsements, which you may read below. I’ve said a lot about this book so I won’t say much here except that it feels very good to have a physical manifestation of all the work I did.

Future Christ announces and enacts The Last Good News, as a non-Christian Heresy and a universal non-religion are conjoined to call forth a new Messiah or a new Humanity which is the new Christ. Laruelle here thinks philosophically and theologically to enact a universal rebellion realized through a heretical science, and if this book is above all an enactment of the heretical imperative, it not only brings a whole new meaning to heretical thinking, but sanctions it as that thinking which is now most our own.” – Thomas J.J. Altizer

“This lesson in heresy is a programme for thinking as a decent human being, thinking according to the victim each time a worldly description turns out to be a denunciation. At once Gnostic in its unlearned knowledge, heretical in its separation from the world, and Christian in its appeal to universal salvation, it performs a radically immanent struggle in the name of a future Christ that could be each and every one of us. Learning yet diverging from the centrality of the Shoah for modern thought, Laruelle makes a distinctive contribution to the political redeployment of a messianic motif.” – Philip Goodchild, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, University of Nottingham

5 thoughts on “Future Christ: A Lesson in Heresy UK Release

  1. Anthony, I just took a look at the Continuum site, and I have to say, “well done!” Something about your prose really catches my attention…I like it. I look forward to reading the text over the winter break.

  2. Congratulations Anthony! As an aside, I just read your article on “Philosophy and Ecosystem” in Polygraph and really enjoyed it. The exposition of Laruelle was very cogent and I like what you’re doing with it in regard to philosophy and ecology. I also find it interesting how his work is related to that of Deleuze. As I’ve said, i skimmed Principes de la non-philosophie and found it very suggestive but difficult to get a handle on. So I’m looking forward very much now to reading Future Christ. Do you know when his book on quantum physics is coming out?

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