My contribution to the Karl Barth Blog Conference

The annual Karl Barth Blog Conference has been underway for the last few weeks, this time around focusing on putting Barth in dialogue with various figures. Paul Dafydd Jones has written on Barth in dialogue with The Monstrosity of Christ, and I wrote a response (appended to his post). I’ve already written a considerable amount on that book, and so I focused on critiquing Barth more than on Zizek or Milbank.

Thanks to the conference organizers for inviting me to be a part of it.

7 thoughts on “My contribution to the Karl Barth Blog Conference

  1. “evince a certain unwarranted optimism about blog readers’ attention spans”

    Too true! Of course, it helps when contributors can restrain themselves to the word count that I request. Paul nearly doubled it. Oh well – one ought not complain about having too much good stuff to read.

  2. Well, I just read the post and skimmed the comments, and I think we can all agree: that ended well.

    So, do you think that those folks would find Adrian Johnston’s concept of “immanent transcendence” (or is that just Zizek?) interesting? Or would that violate some part of Jungel’s amazing, but unsummarizable, massive tome?

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