November Wrap-up

This post is an experimental way to combat the tendency for blog posts to fall off the bottom of the scroll and never be heard from again. Each month, I propose to highlight the top five posts by traffic, along with a handful of posts that don’t seem to have gotten the attention they deserve — and to invite you, our beloved readers, to point out other neglected gems in comments. An annual wrap-up, analogous to the old “Kotsko’s Greatest Hits” from The Weblog, is also a possibility.

Top posts by traffic:

  1. On Left and Right by Adam Kotsko — an attempted typology of political positions that met with considerable resistance
  2. The Future, or The Society of Looting by Adam Kotsko — an analysis of our current society, suggesting that its guiding principle is “go f— yourself”
  3. The New Jesus Radicals Site by Thomas Bridges — an innocuous announcement whose comment threads spiralled into a contentious discussion of distributism
  4. On Milbank: Let’s Not and Say We Did by Adam Kotsko — in which I decline to make fun of a Milbank column
  5. Teaching between theology and the secular by Anthony Paul Smith — a reflection on Anthony’s stance toward theology

Other highlights:

Feel free to share your favorites in comments.

4 thoughts on “November Wrap-up

  1. My favorite, of those posts I failed to comment upon, is your post on What is Talmud?. Assuming that you remedy your lack of firsthand knowledge of Talmud, I look forward to possible posts on Talmudic passages. I also want to remedy my lack of knowledge here, but I think that will have to wait until after my comps in February.

    (By the way, I like this idea Adam, especially since posts on this blog can come in a flurry, allowing some to become easily buried. And thanks for mentioning a couple of my posts!)

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