4 thoughts on “Awkwardness: An Object-Oriented Perspective

  1. It was not entirely clear to me how the discussion was “object-oriented” – is it just a cool phrase to throw around now to attract attention? Is anyone talking about “social orders” and “lives of concepts” an object-oriented thinker? Have we all been object-oriented all along and did not know it?

    [speaking, of course, as a non-playful and generally trollish hater of all things OOP]

  2. Also, I didn’t get the business about “dependent clauses” and “magical commas” – is there one good style in English and the rest is just nonsensical “academese”? I know my English teacher always annoyingly suggested that I write in simple sentences and not use subjective (offering no explanation as to why I shouldn’t it and why, if these things in fact exist in English, I shouldn’t use them to my advantage), but according to this standard Proust was a horrible writer and an “accessible” Bogost is a brilliant one…

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