AUFS 2010 Wrap-up

This was a good year for An und für sich. Our traffic nearly doubled compared to last year, and we received almost five times as many visits as during our first year of operation (2007). In addition, we ended the year with our highest-traffic month ever (despite the impact of Christmas), which also included our highest-traffic day ever (December 3). Our top posts were mainly dominated by my controversies with Milbank and the OOO crowd, but our most-read piece of the year was my post entitled The ritual satisfaction of stating the Grim Facts about the job market.

We had events for three books: Malabou’s Plasticity at the Dusk of Writing, Gaddis’s The Recognitions, and Gabriel and Žižek’s Mythology, Madness, and Laughter.

We also had a banner year for print publications among our circle. Just in terms of book-length projects, Anthony’s volume (co-edited with Daniel Whistler) After the Postsecular and the Postmodern made a significant impact out of the gate, being used in John Caputo’s final graduate course along with his translation of Laruelle’s Future Christ, and is now going to be put out in a more affordable paperback edition, and I published Politics of Redemption (my dissertation) and Awkwardness, along with a translation of Agamben’s Sacrament of Language.

Finally, we all wrote some good blog posts. Below are highlights chosen by the three primary front-page authors, and others should feel free to link to their own favorites in comments. (See also our wrap-up for last month for more recent highlights.)

Adam’s Highlights:

Anthony’s Highlights:

Brad’s Highlights:

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