Audio from the Speculative Medievalisms Event

The audio from the Speculative Medievalisms event that I participated in last week are now online. My talk on The Speculative Angel marks the first time I’ve talked in public about some of the weirder theological material I’ve been working on in my ongoing non-theology project. This talk is mostly tied to the texts that I’ve been using, some Medieval and others contemporary, but I’m working to see if angelology can be reclaimed as a kind of speculation about speculation from within a decidedly political perspective. That is, speculation about speculation which aims to think differently than the current state, which accords with the source material. I’m open to any remarks from those who listen to the talk. Ben Woodard’s response to my paper is at the end of the audio file. I have to admit that, while I was glad to hear someone else using my grey ecology phrase, I wasn’t entirely sure what Ben was trying to say to me even though I guessed it would have something to do with demons. The chair, Eileen Joy, was quite taken with his talk though and it seemed well received by the audience, so I am probably missing something here.

All of the talks were very interesting, but Nick Srnick’s talk and the two responses that follow are really worth a listen, especially for those interested in political theology and economics. He’s posted online the powerpoint he used in the talk as well.

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  1. It’s interesting to see that Nick’s reading Sohn-Rethel – I was just reading his book as well and I thought it was a rather obscure little book, but it seems to be making rounds. Next thing you know people will start getting into Evald Ilyenkov who is all about this business of abstract and concrete in Marx’s Capital (which, of course, will be great).

    Thanks for the links, something to do in the anticipation of the Bears/Packers game tomorrow.

  2. It is my understanding that the Babel group will be publishing them and since my talks are usually constructed with a patchwork citation apparatus I’d prefer to wait until its cleaned up and slightly expanded for publication.

  3. Interesting talk. I would have expected a little more discussion of angelology and individuation. I do work on Proclus and the doctrine of henads, which lies in the background of so much thought on angels, whether in the Christian or the Islamic traditions.

    Ted Hand is doing some interesting work on angelology, by the way; you might check out his Twitter feed (@t3dy) and this blog:

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