Salon des Refusés for the Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion Conference

After some discussion with the organizers of the upcoming conference at Syracuse we have agreed to host an online Salon des Refusés for the conference. Individuals who submitted papers that were not accepted for the official conference may send me those papers (anthonypaul.smith(at) and I will post them all in mid-March. Others may post comments on the papers as well and hopefully a number of different conversations will start. We’re happy to be a part of making the conference a bigger event than it already is and hope you’ll participate in both the virtual and physical events.

8 thoughts on “Salon des Refusés for the Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion Conference

  1. As the initial culprit behind this delicious “gag” who then bailed out of the WORK, I must now thank Anthony (whose paper WAS accepted) for his generosity and foresight in taking this baby on. I had (in all sincerity) told Jack Caputo that my desire to see more papers discussed (informally) was a tribute to the significance of his conference (grandiloquently named as it is). Now this tribute will be the realization of itself with the supplement of the rejected talks – however many are put forth. I will certainly be submitting my paper, and urge other refusé(e)s to do the same – not in the spirit of defiance or self-worship, but more in the vein of ironic foragers, scavenging and bartering our way into a broader ambit of possible “futures” of thought. So don’t be shy – no shame in this at all. Trust, I plea, that you‘ll receive fair and helpful critique, and be prepared to render the same. Who knows? It may yet offer promise for other events (and communities) to come.

  2. Has anything further developed on the Salon de Refuses lobby meeting? Some months ago I developed a business model that makes use of rejected material in a number of settings, including academic conferences and grant application processes.

    Knowing that we are often very poor as institutions at spotting the “good but different” and excellent at “good and familiar” I pondered the intellectual and cultural capital locked up in the significant reject piles and devised how that might be changed. The context was a business plan competition.

    If something quasi-formal began to emerge from this process – i.e. a date/time/location for the Salon de Refuses – I’d be open to reconsidering the priority level for attending. My habit is to be at things where I can be involved and to be less interested in settings where I feel more like a passive consumer.

    Barricades, anyone?

    (only in jest as I too would see this as a compliment to a very fine conference, not a protest or sour grapes whine-a-thon).


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