Virtual bulletin board for Syracuse conference

A reader e-mailed asking if I could put him in contact with potential roommates for the Syracuse conference, as the conference organizers were unwilling to take up such matters. It seemed best to me to provide an open thread where people can make contact and coordinate with each other — so have at it, and feel free to pass along the existence of this post if you know of others who might be interested.

3 thoughts on “Virtual bulletin board for Syracuse conference

  1. Likewise. I’m hoping to stay within walking distance to the conference center. Unfortunately, I’m still not sure which days I’ll be in Syracuse since I’m involved with the Villanova conference as well.

  2. If anyone needs a roommate or would like to split the costs of a room, I’d be more than happy to do so. (I’m at a state school with *limited* travel funds.) You can e-mail me at zsimpson [ at ]

    I’ll be staying Friday and Saturday night in Syracuse.

  3. I have one very comfortable twin bed and one futon that is as comfortable of a futon as I’ve ever seen. We’ve also got a floor that anyone who needs a place to throw a sleeping bag is welcome to. We’re within walking distance to the conference. I do have a dog (very friendly, a certified therapy dog) so allergies might be an issue.

    People are also welcome to stay at the The Art School in the Art School which has two futons (although one is kind of sketchy) and a nice floor for more sleeping bags and our home brewing operation. The Art School in the Art School is also within walking distance to the conference.

    Let me know thomasgokey [at] gmail

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