“From Seminar to Jail Cell”

Scott McLemee’s IHE column this week recounts the story of some Zimbabwean activists who have been charged with treason for starting a discussion group about events in Tunisia and Egypt and ends with a link to a petition demanding their release. Please consider signing and passing along the link.

One thought on ““From Seminar to Jail Cell”

  1. Thanks, Adam. There was a demonstration today at the embassy in DC. I’m in NYC now, where there was also one at the Zimbabwe mission to the UN. To our surprise, a couple of us actually got to speak to somebody inside. He was not happy to see us and threatened to call the police.

    I hit as hard as possible the points that this was a disgrace to Zimbabwe and that we’d be making every effort to get the word out to labor unionists, academics, people in the mass media, and anyone else we could reach. It felt like talking to a brick, but you do what you can.

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