The Politics of Redemption: The Social Logic of Salvation Book Event: Preparatory Remarks

Today we begin our first book event to feature a regular contributor to AUFS – in fact the most regular contributor! – that is, of course, Adam Kotsko’s The Politics of Redemption: The Social Logic of Salvation (Amazon: US, UK; Book Depository) published recently with T&T Clark. We are going to try to take our time with the book since in the past we’ve had pacing issues during the book events. So the schedule below is more provisional and posts will come out when they are ready. We’re very excited that in addition to two regulars, Andy Thomas and Jeremy Ridenour, we will see contributions from Brandy Daniels and J. Kameron Carter. Each contributor will cover two chapters in whichever way they choose and open up the comments for further discussion. Adam will offer a response at the end of the event and, I expect, throughout the two weeks.

Provisional schedule:  
Jeremy Ridenour, Chapters 1-2: April 18-19
Andy Thomas, Chapters 3-5: April 20-22
J. Kameron Carter, Chapters 6-7: April 25-27
Brandy Daniels, Chapters 8-9: April 28-29

9 thoughts on “The Politics of Redemption: The Social Logic of Salvation Book Event: Preparatory Remarks

  1. I should also mention that the idea for this was mine, not Adam’s, and as an editorial team we hope to always bring in outside voices when we do book events related to AUFS authors (with Brad’s and Dan’s books due out this year). Happy reading!

  2. I’ve already thought of a technical hitch though: distinguishing Adam Kotsko from Adam the partner of Eve. I suggest we give the latter a surname: what was his dad called?

  3. I just finished reading this last week. I’m glad to see AUFS is doing this event, as it will give me the opportunity to return to passages that deserve more consideration. Adam, I think your prose is positively marked by its clarity and its ability to communicate your own voice. Well done. I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. Brad, I thought we discussed this — we’re not supposed to let it get out that the first print run of Politics of Redemption was accidently printed in disappearing ink.

  5. Good idea to keep the schedule provisional. If anything I might like, as a reader’s request, to see longer intervals between posts so that everyone will have a chance to keep up without hurry.

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