Nostalgia for quarrels

As I look back over the slightly more than four years that AUFS has been running, some of my fondest memories are the long-standing quarrels we have had. These quarrels are a reliable way to create fake drama to keep everyone entertained on a boring day, or simply to goose traffic stats. Despite our lingering reputation as a particularly quarrelsome bunch, however, I believe that our really long-standing quarrels have been fairly limited in number. To the best of my memory, these are the primary groups with or about whom we have had particularly heated debates here:

  • The Radically Orthodox
  • John Holbo (as a kind of after-effect of debates about Zizek that preexisted this blog)
  • Object-Oriented Ontologists (including the affect-effects of debates with Levi Bryant prior to this blog’s founding and his turn toward OOO)
  • Barthians
  • Localists

It strikes me that most of these quarrels had their peaks months if not years ago and few of them seem likely to reignite any time soon. In particular, I feel as though I have nothing left to say about Radical Orthodoxy and intend to proceed with my theological work as though that school of thought simply did not exist — being publicly denounced by a movement’s founder will do that to you.

Am I missing any major ones, dear readers? Also, feel free to link to some of your favorite quarrelsome comment threads in comments.

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia for quarrels

  1. Clearly the challenge now is to create a cluster-quarrel post in which all of the above-mentioned debates are combined. I have no idea what such a post would look like.

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