Essay on global Christianity and deconstruction

Last summer, I wrote an essay on global Christianity and deconstruction that resulted in one of the most brutal reader reports I’ve ever received (along with one merely negative one and one that was mostly negative but admitted I may have the kernel of a potentially good idea). I decided to give up on revising it to submit elsewhere, but what is a blog for other than posting ideas that aren’t quite ready for primetime? Enjoy my failure!

4 thoughts on “Essay on global Christianity and deconstruction

  1. My focus was more on the way in which the criticisms and their virtual unanimity may have indicated that there was no feasible path through peer review for this particular project. Many of the criticisms seemed to me to be simple descriptions of what I was trying to do, as though it was impossible or obviously irresponsible in some way.

  2. Interestingly, however, a research project based on this essay got me into the top ten finalists for a prestigious fellowship, albeit not into one of the five slots indicating “actually getting” the fellowship.

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