Liam Heneghan at 3 Quarks Daily: Weekend Link Post

Liam Heneghan is my friend and colleague at the Institute for Nature and Culture at DePaul University. In fact Liam gave me my first paid academic gig when I was an undergrad and he needed some young researchers to help him think through issues related to the city and wilderness. Recently Liam has begun writing at 3 Quarks Daily and I have been meaning to link to them for some time. His most recent post differs somewhat from what he normally writes, since it details, in 140 character form, experiences related to recent heart surgery he underwent to replace a defective heart valve. Those who wish I posted more about ecology and philosophy may also find his two-part series on ecology and the ecologist’s body interesting. The first details his own education in ecology, tied up as all of our work is in the vagaries of biography, and the second connects that to his current interest in philosophy.