A Protestant Rosary: Reversing the World in My Pocket

If you’re not familiar with Geez magazine, you’re missing out on a fantastic publication that is unlike any other in the religious publishing world, if one could even categorize it as a “religious publication.”  The Canadian magazine, which is printed without ads, always focuses a single idea or theme for each issue, and then offers several visual, theological, reflective, and often surprising and subversive perspectives on the subject.

I’ve been a fan of Geez for a while, and I’m pleased to let everyone know that I have a short essay for a feature in the new issue, #22, on the theme of contemplation.  The feature is a “special section” titled “Varieties of Religious Contemplation,” for it I wrote a piece on the rosary, subtitled “Reversing the World in My Pocket.”  The short article is a revision of something that was cut out of my forthcoming work for Pilgrim Press’ Faith Practices curriculum on prayer and ritual (which I expect to be published this September).  I have a keen interest in Mariology which I would like to develop and have been exploring various expressions of beaded prayer practice over the past year or so.

  The TOC of Geez #22 may be found here.

6 thoughts on “A Protestant Rosary: Reversing the World in My Pocket

  1. Noticed your name there. Aiden Enns (editor) lives in my neighbourhood . . . righteous dude. It reminds me of the better potential of the ‘zine’ era. Anybody miss getting your hands on a zine of some mystifying Christian sub-culture from some unknown place like Seattle?

  2. Aiden mentioned in an email to me that he is a reader, if not a fan, of AUFS.

    Yes, it is like a zine. It has a very DIY ethos about it although the production value is very high. And I think it is very high-concept. It’s a great experiment and worth supporting.

    A few years back a met a local artist and we had talked about doing an old-school zine, complete with sharpie art, etc., called The Post-Christian Century. It was even gong to have a M.E.M.O. column like Martin Marty’s in it, but it never took shape.

  3. I am a hoarder when it comes to printed materials–I am a recovering comic book collector–but last year I started giving away my back-issues of Geez to my students to try to get them interested in that conversation but I kind of wish I had those beautiful magazines on my shelf. I did keep the issue “10 sermons you’ll never hear in church” issue, though. I thought that was just brilliant. The body issue about a year ago was also one of the best on that subject I have encountered.

    I love the holy interruption that I get when it comes in my mailbox. I don’t really subscribe to many magazines, but I also love the UCC’s Still Speaking magazine, but their new one came in the mail 2 weeks ago and it is already buried on my desk. Geez gets initially read on my front porch.

  4. We sell GEEZ at our university bookstore and there was definitely some controversy around the body issue last year – considering the provocative cover and all. Think conservative middle aged Russian-German Mennonites coming in to buy the latest MPN publication and see that cover next to it on the ‘new books’ table. It was great.

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