“All Things Shining” — Another AUFS Sermon!?

In the spirit of audio offerings recently discussed by Anthony & the recent sermons posted here by Chris, I offer you now the audio from my sermon today, “All Things Shining” [PDF]. (As it turns out, Chris & I appealed to the same text and found inspiration from the same source. Go figure. & bonus points for those who can identify the phrase given to me by Anthony in a conversation on Saturday.) People who thought I was joking about making a Wallace Stevens poem my Scripture for the day proved to be surprised.

6 thoughts on ““All Things Shining” — Another AUFS Sermon!?

  1. I will listen to this later, but I did want to mention that I am under the impression that it’s not too uncommon in UU churches to preach on a literary text. When I took an advanced preaching course at Meadville/Lombard a while ago, it was actually the norm among my student peers not to preach from anything generally regarded as “sacred scripture.”

  2. I should also mention that I was at the Penn Central UCC conference a weekend ago and I had a number of people tell me that they are reading my sermons here and are enjoying the AUFS site in general. One pastor asked me about what “radical orthodoxy” was and why it was so “wrong,” RO seems to have had little to no impact on clergy in my denomination in my part of the country–my clergy collagues are more versed in process, Mercersburg, neo-orthodoxy, liberation or a little postliberal schools here. I’ve been really tickled how many hits the sermons get, which has motivated me to be more regular with them. (And also how often searches come in on Friday or Saturday for semons on the liturgical date–desperate preachers, perhaps?)

  3. Yeah, I’ve noticed that as well. Pretty funny.

    I would say the same is likely true re: RadOrth out here in the Pacific School of Religion circles. Though I suppose that’s unsurprising, given the Anglo-Catholic bend of it and all.

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