Advance praise for Why We Love Sociopaths

Lars Iyer, a giant among bloggers and the author of the novel Spurious, has provided a blurb for my forthcoming Why We Love Sociopaths:

What is it about our society which makes sociopaths, i.e., the kind of ruthless individuals who make their own rules, so appealing? With his usual acuity, Adam Kotsko gives an analysis of contemporary TV shows (South Park, Mad Men, The Wire, etc.) to make the case that depictions of social disconnection are especially seductive at a time when our own society has become ever more destructive and amoral. Kotsko provokes us in suggesting how we might combine and reshape several features of the television sociopath, so that we might break the hold of the societal norms prevalent in late capitalism.

2 thoughts on “Advance praise for Why We Love Sociopaths

  1. Adam,
    This topic is especially interesting to me, I look forward to reading it. I recently finished Jon Ronson’s book on psychopaths – did you read that in the course of your research? If you did, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  2. I haven’t read that book. I make only passing reference to real-life sociopaths — my concern is the way television shows construct a fantasy version of sociopathy and why it appeals to viewers.

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