Drew TTC: Divinanimality (Creaturely Theology)

So we won’t actually be streaming the remaining events of this conference (which runs until Sunday). But for those who may still want to see the events we did livestream, you can check out the archives on our internet TV “channel.” And I offer advance apologies for the segments that were victims of my neolithic technological sensibilities and are without audio.

But you can hear: Erika Murphy on the eucharist and becoming consumable, Eric Meyer on the animality of the logos, Terra Rowe on a chimeric christology, Beatrice Marovich (that’s me) on Rilke & his god’s autoimmune animal body, An Yountae on freedom and animal mestizaje, Jake Erikson on apophatic animals, Brianne Donaldson on Jain karma & animal liberation…

And feel free to post general comments or questions that we might bring up in the final wrap-up session. We’ll be posting a podcast of the panel discussions after the week is over.

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2 thoughts on “Drew TTC: Divinanimality (Creaturely Theology)

  1. Those coming late will notice there is a sound problem for most the lecture. It’s worth skipping ahead in the feed to when it comes on. I don’t know how long each session will stay “recorded”. I suspect until the live stream comes on again. For that information please see the TTC schedule.

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