Book Discussion Group: For Real This Time (Winter 2011 edition)

So, I’ve been talking a good game, on and off, for about six months or so, mostly behind closed doors, via email and such, about doing another literary book discussion group here on AUFS. The book that I keep coming back to when entertaining this notion is William Gass’ truly amazing debut novel Omensetter’s Luck. This is not simply because I want to read it again, though I do, but also because of all the novels I want to read at the moment it is the one that is mostly explicitly in the AUFS wheelhouse — fallen creation, vulgar limericks, evil preachers, vague rumblings of theology with an atheistic panache.

Is there any interest for such a thing, though? We can push it off until December, if that works for you working & student stiffs. I have in mind basically doing it like the Jennings reading group: open threads for a few weeks, followed by a cluster of three to five posts on a theme or direction of your choosing. If you’re interested, comment as such.

14 thoughts on “Book Discussion Group: For Real This Time (Winter 2011 edition)

  1. I would of course be excited to participate in and contribute to anything that involves blogging and William Gass and Brad Johnson. I also like the idea of December. It would be nice to really spend some time with it during the holidays.

  2. Sounds brilliant. I’ve not read it, but feel this would be a great example (re: the earlier discussion of phallocentricity with Anthony) of an opportunity for real engagement and participation. I also find it seeming great deal more accessible than quite a bit that you all discuss on this medium, and much enjoy when the literature meets theology! Love it.

  3. Alright. Nice. Some good early response. Would be nice, I think, if we could get one more person who’d like to write something — a solid five would be tremendous. But, if not, no worries. This sounds good. I’ll contact all who’ve expressed interest, and we’ll work out details.

  4. I’d like to be in and would be willing to write. December would be best for me, though, as I’d need to use the break from teaching for the reading.

    It’d be a first reading for me, as well, though I’m a big fan of avant garde/experimental lit., so Gass has been on my list for a while.

  5. As an aside, with all the OWS talk around here, reading “Les Justes” by Camus could be interesting and spark a lot of conversation. It’s a short play. Quick read.

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